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My name is Ruby King. My kids and I are under a 91 Day Protective order. I will attach a copy. My kids are listed under my care Ruby Amanda King, DOB 07/07/1991. My Drivers License is 28785905. Their Dad was arrested for Domestic Violence against me. Brady William King, Date of Birth 06/15/1987. I will attach copies of the Protective Order. He is not allowed within 500 feet of any location the kids are at. If he shows up you will need to call 911. I will attach current photo. The authorized Pick would be Kathy Giese, (214-557-9971) or Steve Giese ( 214- 289- 1315). Those are both of their cell phone numbers. Their house number is 972- 254-2181. I'm going to the bank tomorrow morning to get a notarized document that they are able to make medical decisions for them. I will take picture and and attach as well. These are their grandparents and they are protected because they are currently living with them. I will sign the other authorizations. Im adding my aunts and cousin as well to pick ups as I have a lot of paperwork and appointments to do in regards to my health and the kids follow tip doctors appointments.



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